The plan to mitigate financial risks for your personal and business needs

A surplus sharing term takaful plan that provides the takaful protection to ensure your family will be well looked after when you are no longer around.  In addition, this plan is not limited to individuals only but it is also extended to business owners and key person for mitigating business risks in the event the unfortunate happens to them. It provides the much needed cash flow to ensure the financial obligation is taken care of, and additional fund is available for business continuity during such untoward times. 

Benefits & Features

Death/Total and permanent disability (TPD) benefit
Receive 100% of sum covered in one lump sum upon death/TPD of the person covered, less any indebtedness. The sum covered will be payable from the participants’ tabarru' fund.
Accidental death/total and permanent disability (TPD) benefit
Receive an additional 50% of sum covered in one lump sum if the death/TPD of the person covered is due to a covered accident. The sum covered will be payable from the participants’ tabarru' fund.
Disability allowance benefit 
 An additional 3% of the sum covered is payable  in one lump sum upon TPD/accidental TPD of the person covered.  This benefit will only be payable if the TPD/accidental TPD benefit is paid.

Note: Terms and conditions apply. 

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