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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Investment-linked insurance is a type of life insurance policy that mixes protection with investment elements. Policyholders are allowed to decide how their insurance premiums are distributed and how much protection and investment they choose. Generally, their policy covers critical illness, disability, and death benefits. The investment fund has split units of equal value that policyholders can select to invest in. The primary objective of ILP is to provide the main functions of life insurance while allowing policyholders to participate in various funds in the hopes of growing their wealth. The fact that ILP offers a personalized plan based on the policyholder's financial needs is one of its unique selling points.
Investment-linked insurance lets policyholders split their premiums between investments and insurance. The units in the investment funds of their choice are bought with the premiums. And the performance of the chosen investment funds can directly affect the policy's value. As their needs change, policyholders may decide to move between funds and modify their level of protection.
There are numerous advantages of investment-linked insurance policy. Through unit trust fund investments, the insurance provides the policyholder with the benefit of both life insurance coverage and investment potential, serving as a hybrid approach to investing and protection. This type of insurance gives policyholders freedom and control as well as the ability to adjust investment money based on their financial goals and risk tolerance. Additionally, policyholders can purchase many new benefits, such as health insurance, to enhance coverage. With investment-linked insurance, policyholders can diversify their income stream and have easy access to information about their investing activities and the success of the funds they have invested in.

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