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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Medical insurance, sometimes known as health insurance, is a form of insurance plan offered by an insurance agency or company to reimburse the insured for medical expenses incurred due to illnesses or injuries. This compensation typically covers surgical fees and hospitalization expenses. Some of the medical insurances' benefits can extend to include preventive care services and the prescription of certain drugs for treatments.
Medical situations often require high costs and extra expenses for treatments, surgeries, hospitalizations, check-ups and medicine. Medical insurance can protect you and your family by covering all these expenses while providing additional benefits to protect you against certain diseases and other alarming health conditions.
Being insured with medical insurance means that you are well taken care of during your accidental hospital stay without financial concerns for the hospitalization or treatment fees. Moreover, it can provide comprehensive coverage over expenses from a wide range of medical services, such as physical exams, blood tests and other health screenings. It gives you peace of mind by providing timely access to medical treatment and diagnoses any serious illnesses as early as possible.
Medical insurance and life insurance differ in terms of their focus, duration and benefits. While life insurance is intended to offer financial protection and support to the family after the policyholder's passing with an investment component, medical insurance emphasizes the coverage for medical expenses the policyholder needs to pay, including hospitalization or surgeries, with no fixed tenure. Life insurance is meant to secure the financial future of the beneficiaries of the policyholders and usually offers the choice of term life or whole life coverage.
Malaysian medical cards are part of their medical insurance package. It allows the policyholder to get healthcare services within the coverage network without paying an upfront fee. Medical insurance covers all medical expenses, including hospital and outpatient care. When seeking medical treatment, the medical card is a convenient method to access the advantages of your insurance coverage. In order to align with Shariah-compliant health insurance plans, Malaysia also offers Takaful medical cards to allow different individuals to access to comprehensive health care that is in line with Islamic laws and traditions.

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