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General FAQ

A legal contract where an individual receives financial protection against unexpected losses from an insurance company.

The insurance premium is the fee paid to your insurance policy for the insurance coverage. The amount, duration, and interval is dependent on your insurance policy.

A legal contract where the insurance company will pay a sum of money to named beneficiaries when the insured dies. The insurance policy owner is required to pay the insurance policy premiums while alive.

Insurance coverage is the amount of risk, liability, or potential loss that is covered by the insurance policy.

Medical insurance is also refered to as health insurance. Health insurance provides coverage for hospitalisation expenses and accidents. The full coverage will depend on your insurance policy. Please contact your advisor for the full details.

Term life insurance is a type of life insurance that guarantees payment if the insured person dies during a specificied time period (term). Once the term expires, the policy has to be renewed, converted, or terminated. The policy has no savings or investment component and no payout will be obtained if the policy expires before the insured's death.

Bancassurance refers to financial products sold through banks. This provides you with the convenience of having all your financial services available from one location. Sun Life Malaysia is able to offer our financial products to you through our partners.

An endowment policy is a life insurance contract where the insurance company will pay a lump sum after a specific time period (term) or on death. Endownment policies tend to be shorter in duration compared to whole life policies. Please reach out to our financial advisors here to learn more, and which plan will suit you best.

A takaful is a contract where the contribution is covered by a group of contract holder who will make contributions to a mutual fund. Each contribution is dependent on the contract holder based on coverage and personal circumstances.

Personal accident insurance provide coverage caused by accidents. Accidents are sudden, unforseen events that results in the insured party suffering death or permanent disablement or injury. Please reach out to an advisor here to know more.

The insurance payment term, also known as the premium paying term, is the total duration that the insurance policy owner has to pay the insurance policy premium. The payment term is dependent on your insurance policy. Please reach out to your advisor to know more.

The insurance policy owner is the person who purchased the insurance policy. The person has control over the insurance policy.

The beneficiary is the person that will receive the death benefit from the life insurance insurance policy.

The insured person/life assured is the person who is covered by the insurance policy