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Getting Started

Getting Started

Age 21 – 30

  • I work my way towards my aspirations.
  • I want to experience everything.
  • I value my independence but I also want to give back to my parents.
  • I plan to start my own family.
Moving Up

Moving Up

AGE 31 - 40

  • Family is my key concern.
  • Everything I do is for them because I want to ensure that they are well provided for. Their needs are my priority.


  • I enjoy being single and there are so many personal goals I plan to achieve.
Preparing for Retirement

Preparing for Retirement

AGE 41 - 60

  • I have to make sure that I am able to provide for my needs as well as my loved ones.
  • With fewer expenses like education to worry about and my mortgage nearly paid off, it is time to think about retirement.


  • Maintaining my lifestyle after retirement is so important even though I plan to retire earlier.
Enjoying Retirement

Enjoying Retirement

AGE 61 - 80

  • I want to live my retirement years in comfort and pursuing lost passions.
  • During these years, I intend to devote more time for my family, my hobbies and interest.
  • I plan to orderly transfer my wealth to my loved ones.