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Discover our Client Stories

Sun Life Malaysia is here for you, during the worst of times and during the best of times.
Over the past decade, we have been here for our Clients and communities when they needed us the most.
Watch our collection of Client stories and experience the heartfelt sharing and inspiring journeys of those who place their trust in us - real stories that exemplify the importance of insurance and takaful protection and the difference that Sun Life Malaysia has made in their lives.

Puan Siti

"Kita tak tahu apa akan berlaku pada masa depan.Sebab inilah semua orang perlukan perlindungan Insurance/Takaful."

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Puan Nor

"Sebenarnya Takaful adalah cara terbaik untuk melindungi masa depan anda. Walaupun ketika anda sihat.."

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Dr. Tasneem

"With magical sunrays, Mr Sun Helped the vegetables in the garden frow for her family.."

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Encik Hassan

"Now, with his family's future financially secure, their lives are definitely brighter than the sun..."

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Encik Aiman

"Aiman was sad and worried...but sunflower told him not to be, as it handed him something bright and shiny - a handful of priceless golden sunflower seeds."

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Puan Zainon

"Sebelum hidup, arwah anak teringin nak menunaikan umrah. Tapi dengan adanya Takaful Suria "Badai Haji" dia dapat juga pahala seperti menunaikan haji...

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7 Sun Life Malaysia Clients

"We need insurance in times of difficulties. And, When the claim comes in, it was really helpful."

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Puan Zainad

"Hasil tuntutan daripada Sun Life Malaysia, saya telah salurkan kebaikan kepada yang lebih memerlukan.."

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Mr Thamotharan

"Today, when i hear or read about Sun Life Malaysia, I'm reminded of how much brighter the days became after that night.."

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Covid Claim Client

"Sun Life Malaysia helped through the deferment of my contribution payment during COVID-19.."

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