It's better to be safe than sorry. Even better with an unlimited medical coverage that lasts a lifetime.

Unexpected life challenges poses as a physical and financial burden that may put our goals on hold. Hence, safeguarding yourself and your loved ones is a necessity for going all out in achieving your dreams and life goals, and embracing the years ahead. 

With SunLink Max, you will stay protected throughout each stages of your life - getting started, moving up, preparing ahead for retirement or even leaving a legacy. In short, you can maximise life’s potential and be prepared for unexpected challenges in life.

Benefits & Features

Full premium allocation
Full amount of premium paid regardless of basic premium or top-up premium will be allocated  into your policy and invested in the investment-linked funds of your choice. It allows you to set aside your worries for a better tomorrow and look forward for a carefree retirement life.
Comprehensive and customisable insurance coverage
This plan provides valuable benefits to you and your loved ones in the event of death or total and permanent disability (TPD). The money can be used to pay off your debt and other living expenses.  You can also further enhance your protection needs with a wide range of 6 optional riders.
Freedom to choose your investment direction
Enjoy the flexibility to opt from 8 professionally managed investment-linked funds according to your risk tolerance level and investment needs. You can boost your investment return by scheduled or single top-up premium and switch your funds anytime.
Discount on basic cost of insurance (COI)
You can enjoy a discount on the basic COI if you select a higher basic sum assured.
Flexibility-to-choose-different-policy-term-options.png Flexibility to choose different policy term options
  • Flexibility to choose different policy term - up to age 70, 80, 99 or policy term of 30 years to best suit your financial needs.
  • Extension of insurance coverage (only applicable to policy term up to age 70, 80 and policy term of 30 years)
    • Upon expiration of the selected policy term, the insurance coverage will be automatically  extended up to age 99, subject to additional premiums requirements. No underwriting is required for this extension of insurance coverage.
Maturity-Benefit-2.png Maturity benefit
Basic sum assured and total account value, less any indebtedness will be payable upon policy maturity.

Note: Terms and conditions apply.

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