The takaful plan that provides for your protection needs, savings, and Hajj aspirations

Takaful Suria Plus is a comprehensive plan that helps make your Hajj aspirations a reality. From as little as RM150 monthly, you get to enjoy many protection and savings benefits while you and your loved ones prepare for the special spiritual journey. 

Benefits & Features

RM1,500 special payout
RM1,500 spacial payout will be payable on the conract anniversary upon completion of the third contract year. You could use this payout to set up a Tabung  Haji account or top up your existing Tabung Haji savings.
Badal Hajj benefit
In the event you are unable to physically embark on this special spiritual journey due to death, TPD, or diagnosis of any one of 36 critical illnesses, the registered Hajj service provider with Sun Life Malaysia will help you. If the cost of arrangement with the service provider is less than RM5,000, the excess amount will be payable to the nominee or proper claimant.
Dependent allowance
A lump sum of up to RM15,000 will be payable in the event of death/TPD of the person covered.
Funeral expenses ppproved within next  working day
A lump sum of RM3,000 will be payable for funeral arrangements in the event of death of the person covered.
Family-Package-Discount.png Family package discount
5% discount is applied on the amount of the basic takaful contribution, and a lower wakalah fee is  given for each person covered under the Family Package (i.e., includes your spouse and dependent children).
Final-Benefit.png Final Benefit
Gives you the opportunity to grow your savings, where the value of the universal account will be payable at the end of the contract term.

Note: Terms and conditions apply.

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