Financial planning that goes beyond this lifetime

It is equally important that you plan ahead for the financial security of yourself and your loved ones as well as for the attainment of complete spiritual peace of mind when you embrace the afterlife. Let us help you to plan towards achieving your aspirations with Takaful Mulia, a regular contribution surplus sharing universal takaful plan.

Benefits & Features

Double indemnity for accidental death/total and permanent disability (TPD) benefit
Additional 100% of sum covered is payable if accidental death/TPD of the person covered occurs at the registered Mosque/Surau for the purpose of performing solat or while performing Hajj/Umrah.
Waqf benefit
During the lifetime of the person covered - 3% of the contribution is payable to Yayasan Waqaf Malaysia (YWM) as a form of waqf on behalf of the person covered during the lifetime of the person covered. This contribution collected will not be refunded to you under any circumstances.

Upon death/TPD of the person covered - An additional 10% of the sum covered will be payable on top of the death/TPD benefit to YWM and/or Perbadanan Wakaf Selangor as waqf payout on behalf of the person covered. 
Zakat benefit
2.5% of the UA value is payable to the zakat body on behalf of the person covered, if the value of the UA is greater than or equal to Nisab. This benefit is only applicable in the event of the death/TPD of the person covered, surrender of this contract or when the final benefit is paid.
Fidyah/Sadaqah benefit
In the event of death of the person covered, a lump sum of RM1,000 will be payable to the zakat body as fidyah on behalf of the person covered. The claimant is required to provide an estimated number of days that the person covered was unable to fast for any day or any period of time during the fasting month. We shall pay the actual amount due as fidyah payout from this benefit based on the declaration and the remaining amount of this benefit (if any) will be paid as general donation (sadaqah) to the zakat body.
Hajj-Umrah-Benefit.png Hajj/Umrah benefit
A lump sum amount of RM2,000 is payable from the UA when the person covered embarks on the Hajj/Umrah trip, subject to completion of the 3rd contract anniversary. This benefit is payable once per contract of the person covered and the same Hajj/Umrah trip is only claimable once.
Final-Benefit-2.png Final Benefit
Enjoy returns from your UA after the deduction of 2.5% of UA value as zakat payout (if  applicable), which will be payable at the end of the contract term.

Note: Terms  and conditions apply.

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