A takaful plan that allow you to experience your spiritual journey with peace of mind

200% of Death / Total and Permanent Disability (TPD) Benefit while performing Hajj / Umrah

  • 100% of sum covered plus the value of the universal account less any indebtedness upon death or TPD.
  • Additional 100% of the sum covered if death / TPD occur while performing Hajj / Umrah.

RM1,500 Special Payout

Special payout upon completion of 3rd contract year to set up or top-up your Tabung Haji account. In addition, it also provide final benefit payout at the end of contract term

Badal Hajj Benefit

The registered Hajj service provider will help if you are unable to perform hajj due to death, TPD or on diagnosis of any one of the 36 critical illnesses

Accidental Death & Total and Permanent Disability (TPD) coverage

Additional RM10,000 will be payable in the event of accidental death or TPD.

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