Securing your financial future

We all work hard for a better future, the ultimate goal we aim for in life. However, life holds many uncertainties and unexpected financial challenges can impact us significantly. Thus, it is crucial that we take control of our lives by planning ahead from now on for our financial security. 

Introducing Sun Infinity-i, a limited pay universal takaful plan designed to 
ensure you are financially ready for a better tomorrow. Its increasing regular cash payout provides a steady flow of income to meet your financial needs on top of the financial coverage against unfortunate circumstances.   

Benefits & Features

Flexible contribution and coverage term
  • Sun Infinity-i provides options of contribution payment term and coverage term.
  • You can customise your own plan, by choosing the savings amount, savings period and coverage period, to best suit your affordability, commitment level and needs.
Increasing annual cash payout (ACP)
  • You will receive the ACP every year, starting from the end of the first contract year until maturity.
  • The ACP amount is determined based on the percentage of the annualised takaful contribution and the amount increases every 10 contract years.
Guaranteed takaful coverage
  • Sun Infinity-i provides death and total and permanent disability (TPD) coverage throughout the coverage term.
  • Up to 200% of the total takaful contributions paid less accumulated ACP payable, or 105% of the value of universal account, whichever is higher, will be payable upon death/TPD.
  • The percentage of the total takaful contributions paid is determined based on the entry age of the person covered.
  • An additional 100% of the total takaful contributions paid will be payable upon accidental death/TPD. 
Compassion benefit
  • Sun Infinity-i will also pay waqf/donation (equivalent to 5% of the total takaful contributions paid) upon death of the person covered.
  • This compassion benefit will be payable to Yayasan Waqaf Malaysia and/or other waqf or charitable organisation that may be appointed by us in future. 
Maturity benefit
Upon maturity, you will receive the value of universal account in one lump sum.

Note: Terms and conditions apply.

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