The best memory for  your loved ones

You’ve worked hard for years to provide the best for your loved ones and to support and protect them always, be it physically or in memory. With Sun Legacy-i, you will be able to leave them a financial legacy to help them live a better life. 

It is crucial to plan ahead by preparing a will to ensure your estate is distributed according to your wishes. This plan encourages you to do so, by reimbursing your ‘wasiat’/will writing starting from the 6th contract year. Furthermore, it lets you contribute to zakat so you can fulfil your obligation as a Muslim. 

Benefits & Features

Financial legacy support for your loved ones
  • This plan provides high coverage upon death or total and permanent disability (TPD). 
  • The basic sum covered or total account value, whichever is higher will be payable upon death or TPD.
  • An additional 100% of the basic sum covered will be payable upon death or TPD due to accident.
  • If the death or TPD is due to accident while in public conveyance, elevator or burning public building, an additional 100% of the basic sum covered will be payable.
Wasiat/will writing benefit
  • As complement to your legacy planning, Sun Legacy-i will reimburse you the cost of wasiat/will writing up to 0.5% of your initial sum covered, capped at RM10,000.
  • Multiple claims are allowed at any time starting from the 6th contract year. That means, you will be reimbursed for the cost incurred when you make any amendment to your wasiat/will in the future.
Fulfilling your zakat obligation (only applicable to Muslim)
  • 2.5% of the total account value less the deferred wakalah fee (if any) will be payable to zakat body on behalf of the person covered, if the total account value is equal to or exceeds Nisab.
  • This benefit is only applicable in the event of surrender or when the maturity benefit is paid.
Flexible contribution and coverage term
  • You can customise your own plan, by choosing the protection amount, commitment period and coverage period, to best suit your affordability, commitment level and needs.
High non-medical limit
  • You can get covered for up to RM2.0 million with no medical check-up required.
Maturity benefit
  • Upon maturity, you will receive the total account value after the deduction of 2.5% of total account value as zakat payout (if any).

Note: Terms and conditions apply.

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