1 December 2020
Original article by Lance Llanora


Have a Merry “Sustainable” Christmas:
Save the Earth and your Wallet too!


Christmas is just around the corner and preparations are in full swing for the special day, but while it's the most wonderful time of the year, it's not the most environmentally-friendly. From gift wrappers to actual presents, the excess of material goods could be detrimental to both our sanity and the environment.
With this in mind, here are simple yet mindful choices that can make a real difference this Christmas without skimping on the festive magic.

1. Zero-waste Christmas decors
Chances are, your plastic Christmas trees, bells, ribbons, and other decors are rarely single-use items. Unless it’s damaged or broken, do your best this time around to reuse them or if you really have to, get second-hand options that will work just fine. Why waste your money on new decorations when you can find absolute treasures in second-hand shops. Refusing to buy new ones will save you from unnecessary shopping trips, expenses, and clutter.
For example, you can add a personalised touch to the table decorations by reusing baubles or placing names around the chairs. This conscious approach to decorating can even help you achieve a minimalist holiday aesthetic. For the earth, this means less plastic and toxic waste.
2. Practice sustainable giving
Another great way to help the environment and save some money in the process is to DIY your presents. Whether you love baking, sewing, or painting, why not get creative this season. Some can come from your own (or your mom’s) backyard! Succulents grow kits and seedlings are trendy gifts that promote green-living and mental well-being.
Take your green gift to the next level by using recycled ceramic mugs, bowls, and jars to serve as pots. Remember, you can give more while spending less by giving gifts that are personal and unique.
3. Mind your food waste
Small changes can make all the difference in reducing our environmental footprint. By making a conscious choice about how much food you make, it means less of your money goes to waste. As you prepare to purchase goods for the upcoming feast, make a list before you leave home to ensure you only buy things you really need.
Christmas is a time of giving, so why not share some food with our brave frontliners by using reusable food containers to bring some happiness and cheer to their lives.
4. Shop locally
As many are currently struggling financially due to the pandemic, we can do more for them while shopping this festive period and still focus on living more sustainably. This comes in the form of supporting the local independent grocers, buying directly from small farmers, and opting for fruit and vegetable subscription services.
The COVID-19 pandemic has resulted in more local producers reaching out to the people directly with the help of technology and that’s going to rise more moving into 2021. By supporting the locals, you can leave the stress out of doing any last-minute supermarket rush. Not only will you save time and energy, but you can ensure that what’s served for your family’s festive meal is not mass-produced food lying idle around in distribution centers.
5. Replace material traditions with sustainable practices
E-cards are definitely a great green alternative to physical Christmas cards and better yet, it saves both the planet and your wallet.
If you opt to purchase a physical card for your loved ones, the eco-friendliest way to deliver festive cheer is to hand-deliver it. Always go for cards made from sustainably sourced or recycled paper and avoid choosing glittery Christmas cards and wrappers.
No matter how big or small, you can reduce the environmental impact of the holiday season and be a socially responsible person.
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