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Sun Wealth Plus

Protection that stacks up with guaranteed cash returns every year


Sun Wealth Plus is a savings insurance plan that provides you with added assurance as it lets you save while enjoying increasing guaranteed annual cash payment year after year. It is designed specifically to help you achieve your financial goals no matter at which stage you are in life.

Benefits & Features


Choice of premium payment and policy term

Flexibility to choose a premium payment term and policy term that best suits your financial needs.

Plan options

Premium payment term (years)

Policy term (years)

5 Pay 15 Term



8 Pay 20 Term




Easy enrollment with no underwriting required

This plan offers guaranteed acceptance* for all applicants upon enrollment with no underwriting and medical check-up required.

* Not applicable for foreigner application, whereby underwriting may be applicable.


Guaranteed survival benefit (GSB)

Enjoy guaranteed survival benefit every year, starting from the end of 1st policy year until the policy matures.


Maturity benefit

When your plan matures, you will receive the higher of:

  1. the value of the universal account; or
  2. a percentage of the basic annualised premium (AP) as shown below;

    5 Pay 15 Term

    8 Pay 20 Term

    350% of AP

    580% of AP

plus the value of the accumulation account (if any), less any indebtedness.


Insurance coverage***

In the event of death or TPD**, you or your loved ones will receive the higher of:

  1. total basic premium paid (excluding top-up premium); or
  2. 105% of the value of the universal account;

plus the value of the accumulation account (if any), less any indebtedness.

** TPD coverage will expire at the policy monthly anniversary following the life assured’s attainment of age 70.

*** Please note that in the event that the life assured dies or suffers TPD due to non-accidental causes within the first 24 months from the policy commencement date, the higher of 100% of the total basic premium paid (including top-up premiums) less the guaranteed survival benefit payout or 100% of the value of the universal account, plus the value of the accumulation account (if any) less any indebtednesses, will be payable instead. 


Enhance your protection with optional rider

You can further boost your coverage for death and TPD up to RM300,000 by attaching the Term Life Rider.

Note: Terms and conditions apply.


The benefit(s) payable under eligible certificate/policy/contract is(are) protected by PIDM up to limits. Please refer to PIDM’s Takaful and Insurance Benefits Protection System (TIPS) Brochure or contact Sun Life Malaysia Assurance Berhad or PIDM (visit www.pidm.gov.my).

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